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When it comes to Vancouver's ubiquitous condos, few are as highly-coveted as those in the vibrant downtown neighbourhood of Gastown, best known today for its chic restaurants and stylish denizens. Gastown was originally named in honor of the legendary Captain "Gassy Jack" Deighton. He built a saloon near Burrard Inlet in the 1860s, starting a precedent for business, socializing, and comfortable living in what is now downtown Vancouver. Over the course of several decades, more busineses followed Gassy Jack's lead, and the Gastown district was born. In Gastown today, you will see a wide variety of charming buildings that still retain the flair of history, Victorian living, and Edwardian architecture. But step inside a Gastown condo, and all the comforts of the modern era are alive!



With such a wide diversity of condos available - and more being built every year - Gastown has a condo that fits just about anyone's personal style. If you love the charm and nostalgia of history, then you will love the exposed brick walls, refinished hardwood floors, custom paint on the walls, and beautiful views over the city of Vancouver from your historic condo building that retains all the original external architecture of an era gone by. Those with more of an eye towards the future, for their part, will probably prefer some of the newer developments going up, which tend to embrace the glass-and-steel skyscraper look that's come to dominate Vancouver's skyline over the past twenty years. Streaming with reflective, shiny glass, the condos give you a wake up call with the streaming West Coast sun and a kiss goodnight as the moon shines on you in bed. You will also typically enjoy custom stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and sleek, contemporary home furnishings. What the newest condos and the refurbished classics have in common is, of course, their avant-garde interior design and layout - a cutting-edge style that has come to define Gastown's identity as much as its real estate market.


So, what exactly defines the Gastown style of interior design? Of course, there's plenty of variation depending on the residents' specific aesthetic tastes, but there are also 3 overarching themes that pop up over and over again:


1. Embracing modernism. From sleek modern sofas to flawless-looking stainless steel appliances, contemporary Gastown condos are renowned for their love of modern-style interior furnishings and design schemes. The principles of modern design are based around simplicity, with straight lines and basic designs taking precedence over curves or convoluted patterns. This interior design aesthetic is thought to provide a subconscious boost to relaxation, as its eschews clutter and a "busy" look in favor of minimalism and utilitarianism. In today's fast-paced world, it's no wonder so many people want their condos to resemble streamlined havens from all the problems of the hectic world outside!


2. Incorporating nature. In line with its West Coast geography, Gastown style interior design has historically embraced nature, both in terms of exterior scenery and interior accessories. The omnipresent full-length windows effortlessly facilitate easy views of the scenic Coast Mountain range and the blue Pacific Ocean, with some lucky condos also enjoying a view of world-famous Stanley Park as well. Beyond that, many Gastown condos have brought a part of nature high above the city streets, from potted ferns and balcony gardens to coffee table books about local wildlife and history.


3. Open floor plans. If home is where the heart is, Gastown condos are all about hearts being open, versatile, and welcoming. This is accomplished with the neighbourhood's iconic open floor plans, which allow condos to be designed - and redesigned - as many times as necessary, with great ease. Transforming a condo from a family domicile to the perfect venue for a cocktail party becomes as easy as shifting furniture around and changing up the decorations. Above all else, open floor plans are about empowering the homeowner to be able to adjust their residence to suit any need, taste, or trend.

Whether you choose to embrace Gastown style interior design, or simply take inspiration from select pieces of it, you're sure to fit in in one of Vancouver's most chic and desirable neighbourhoods. Happy designing!




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